Immanuel Lutheran Church
Amherst, Massachusetts
 The Seven Last Words of Christ from the Cross
Music by Heinrich Schutz



When Jesus did on the Cross endure,
And as his body wounds did bear,
In pain and deep affliction,
The seven words which he then spake,
Keep in thy heart's affection.

The First Word

And it was at about the third hour that they crucified the Lord, and he spake thus: Father, forgive them now, for they do not know what they do.

The Second Word

Now then one of the malefactors who had been hang'd with him, railed on him and said: "If thou be Christ, now save thyself and us." Then the other malefactor spake, rebuking him: "Dost thou fear not e'en the Lord thy God, seeing thou art likewise condemn'd with him? And we are indeed punished justly, and are receiving the due reward of our deeds; he however hath done nothing worthy of judgment." And said to Jesus: Lord remember thou me when in thy kingdom thou com'st." And Jesus said: "Truly, I say to thee, this day thou shalt in Paradise be with me."

The Third Word

There stood at the cross of Jesus, Mary, Jesus' mother; with her his mother's sister, call'd Mary, Cleophas' wife; also Mary Magdalena. When Jesus, therefore had seen his mother, and had seen standing by his beloved disciple, saith he unto his mother: "See, woman, behold thy Son." The saith he to the disciple: "Behold her, John; here behold thin own mother." And from that hour John took her to his own home.

The Fourth Word

And when it was the ninth hour, he cried aloud and said: "Eli, Eli lama
asabthani?" Which is interpreted: "My God, my God, wherefore dost thou now forsake me?"

The Fifth Word

And lastly, Jesus knowing all things now were fulfill'd, all was accomplish'd which was written in the scriptures, spake thus: "I thirst."

The Sixth Word

A soldier, one of them that stood there, ran to him, took up a sponge; with vinegar he fill'd it, and with hyssop, and put it upon a reed and held it up to Jesus that he might drink. Now when Jesus tasted of what was on it, he said: "It is fulfill'd."

The Seventh Word

And once again he cried aloud and said: "Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit." After he had thus spoken, bowing down his head, he gave up his spirit.


He who hath regard for God's agony,
Remembereth the seven words;
Him God will love and will cherish,
Both here on earth with bounteous grace,
And there in eternity living.

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