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Scenes from our production of the opera
"Amahl and the Night Visitors"
by Gian-Carlo Menotti
at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Amherst, Massachusetts, December 11-12, 2010

Our thanks to Richard Trueswell, Video Engineer,
for the video from which these pictures are derived.

Installation Program, p. 1

 Opening scene: The star

Amahl, What is keeping you outside?

From the door of her house, Mother: "Amahl, What is keeping you outside?"

There has never been such a sky

Amahl: "Oh Mother, there has never been such a sky!"

The star has a tail this long

Amahl: "The star has a tail this long!"

What shall we do with nothing to eat

The Mother: "What shall we do with nothing to eat?"

Noble sires

Three kings arive at the door - Mother: "Noble Sires!"

It is nice here

King Melchior (center): "It is nice here"

Are you a real king

Amahl to King Balthazar: "Are you a real king?"
Balthazar" "Yes!"

I was a shepherd

Amahl: "I was a shepherd, I had a flock of sheep.
Then my mother sold them. Now there are no sheep left"

This is my box

King Kaspar: "This is my box! I never travel without my box!"

These are the gifts for the child

King Melchior: "These are the gifts for the child."
Mother: "The child, what child?!"

Shepherds arrive at the door

The shepherds arrive at the door.

This is all we shepherds can offer you

"This is all we shepherds can offer you"
Kings: "Thank you, thank you, thank you kindly!!"

Dance of the shepherds

The shepherds dance.

Good night, Amahl

Mother puts Amahl to bed.
"Good night" .

All that gold

(While the kings sleep.) Mother: "All that gold!"

Do rich people know

Mother: "Do rich people know what to do with their gold?
What I could do for my child..."


The Page: "Thief!, Thief!!

Give it back

Page: "Give it back!, Give it back."

Don't you dare hurt my mother

Amahl: "Don't you dare hurt my mother!"

Oh woman, you may keep the gold

Melchior: "Oh woman, you may keep the gold."

The child we seek doesn't need our gold.  On love, on love alone, he will build his kingdom.

"The child we seek doesn't need our gold.
On love, on love alone, he will build his kingdom."

For such a king I've waited

Mother: "Take back your gold. For such a king I've waited all my life.
And if I weren't so poor, I'd send a gift of my own for such a child!"

This I made myself

Amahl: "But Mother, let me send him my crutch.
Who knows, he may need one. And this I made myself!"
Mother: "Oh but you can't, you can't......"

I walk mother

"I walk, Mother!"

He walks

Kings and Mother: "He walks. He walks!"

This is a sign from God

Kings: "This is a sign from God!"

Blessed child may I touch you

Kings: "Oh Blessed Child may I touch you?"

Allright but just once

Page: "Blessed Child, may I touch you??"
Amahl to the Page: "I don't know if I'm going to let YOU touch me!"
Mother, scoulding: "Amahl! . . ."
Amahl: "Oh allright. But just once!"

May I go with the kings to bring my gift?

Amahl: "Mother, may I go with the kings to bring my crutch to the child?"
Mother: "Do you really want to go? Are you sure, sure, sure?"
Amahl: "Yes, Mother."
Mother: "Then I think you should go, and give thanks to the child yourself!"
Amahl: "Are you sure, sure, sure?..."
Mother: "Go on, get ready!"

Watch the cat-yes I promise

Amahl: "Watch my cat." Mother: "Yes, I promise..."

I shall miss you very much

Amahl and Mother: "I shall miss you very much, very much."

Away they go

Kings, Amahl, and Page leave on their journey

Mother waves goodbye

Mother watches from the door as they depart

Orchestra concludes

Orchestra, Directed by Dr. Anne Weaver, Dr. Matthew Cron, pianist,
conclude the opera.

Dancers acknowledged

The Shepherd Dancers

Shepherd Chorus acknowledged

The Shepherd Chorus

The Kings acknowledged

The Kings

Amahl and Mother acknowledged

Amahl and The Mother

Orchestra acknowledged

Audience rises to cheer the orchestra and cast.

Immanuel Lutheran Church, Amherst, Massachusetts

The part of Amahl was played by Brandon Dallmann with Yvonne Field as Amahl's mother. Junius Harris, Jack Stebbins, and Robert Weaver were the three kings. The part of the Page was played by Jonathan Niedzielski, and an augmented Immanuel Choir participated as the Shepherds Chorus and Shepherd Dancers.

Dr. Anne Weaver directed the production, Dr. Matthew Cron was the piano accompaniest, and the Orchestra consisted of members of the local community.

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